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Business Listing Registration

Certain sections of this Website including the business submission form requires you to register your business details with our website. If registration is requested, you agree to provide accurate, complete registration information of the following:

- Correct business name and not the use of keywords as your business name;
- Accurate description of the goods and services performed by your business;
- Providing a physical, post office box address or Phone Contact Only (applies to mobile businesses) address
- Providing accurate phone contact details. Only email contact is not allowed;
- Providing a contact name. If you do not want to provide your surname, your first name is accepted. This can include the owners details, manager or employee;
- If your business has a website, it is encouraged to add this against your listing; and
- Providing a valid and maintained email address.

By not following the Business Listing Registration policy, A to Z Pages reserves the right to not add this listing to the directory.

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